Energy Management

Did you know that as many as 1 in 5 energy-related invoices are wrong?

Whether it’s down to inaccurate meter readings, wrongly applied correction and volume factors or CCL and VAT charges, customers often pay more than they should for their utilities.

Industry statistics suggest that over-charges could be between three and five percent of the overall bill’s value. For energy intensive industries, the sums of money going to waste can soon add up to quite considerable amounts.

Forensic analysis of energy bills can be time consuming and complex, especially if you’re a multi-site organisation that receives invoices from a host of different suppliers, with different charging structures and formatted in different ways.

Energy4Biz  use a bespoke invoice-checking system to shine a light on any errors, so that action can be taken to recover any over charges as quickly as possible to ensure you are getting the deal that you signed up for.

Not only does invoice validation identify billing errors, it can also be used to identify additional costs relating to changes in consumption or demand.

We also offer full account management whether you’re a large single site business or a multi-site operation, we can provide contract alignment, real time reporting and a single point of contact for all of your energy requirements freeing up your time to concentrate on your business.